The Hytera HR1062 H-Series DMR Repeater redefines what a repeater can do. This compact powerhouse delivers exceptional performance with features like dual voice channels, crystal-clear audio, and support for various radio systems. It extends your communication range and integrates seamlessly with existing networks, making it ideal for diverse needs. With automatic AC/DC power and a space-saving design, the HR1062 is a powerful and adaptable solution to elevate your two-way radio communication.


Space-Saving Design:

  • The HR1062 boasts a compact 1U form factor, half the height of traditional repeaters. This allows for efficient use of rack space, and the integrated power supply eliminates the need for external adapters, further maximizing space savings.

Effortless Analog to Digital Migration:

  • The mixed channel mode simplifies the transition from analog to digital technology. This intelligent system automatically detects the incoming signal and switches between analog and digital mode seamlessly.

Extended Coverage and Remote Connectivity:

  • Enhanced receiver sensitivity expands the communication range of your network. Additionally, the Ethernet port facilitates connection to IP networks, enabling remote site connectivity for wider coverage.

Advanced Security Measures:

  • The HR1062 safeguards your communication with optional software-based digital end-to-end and over-the-air encryption utilizing the secure ARC4 and AES algorithms.

Versatile Power Options:

  • The HR1062 automatically switches between AC and DC power sources, ensuring uninterrupted operation regardless of the available power source. This eliminates the need for separate power adapters and associated costs, further streamlining your setup.

Reliable Performance for Demanding Applications:

  • The HR1062 is built for continuous operation (100% duty cycle) in mission-critical environments. A variable-speed fan provides optimal cooling through a front-to-back airflow design, combined with high-quality components to ensure reliable performance.

Doubled Capacity with DMR Technology:

  • The HR1062 leverages TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access) digital technology, offering two simultaneous voice channels. This effectively doubles your communication capacity without requiring additional frequencies, enhancing efficiency across your network.


Frequency RangeUHF 400-470MHz , VHF 136-174MHz
Channel Capacity64 Channels
Channel Spacing12.5kHz / 20kHz / 25kHz
Operational VoltageDC: 13.6V ±15% AC: 100-120V
Current ConsumptionDC: Standby ?0.9A, Transmitting ?12A AC: Standby ?0.35A, Transmitting ?1.2A
Weight17lb 10oz (8.0 kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD)Standard 1U: 13/4” x 19” x 143/4” (44 x 483 x 366mm)
Frequency Stability± 0.5ppm
Antenna Impedance50Ω
Duty Cycle100%
NetworkingConventional Mode, MPT and XPT Trunking, Tier III Trunking Upgrade Capability, *Digital Trunking Lite (*coming soon)