The Hytera HM682 H-Series DMR mobile radios are mid-tier workhorses designed to enhance communication for your on-the-go teams. These feature-packed radios provide reliable voice and data transmission, making them ideal for remote workers in vehicles and fleet operations. The HM682 boasts an intuitive user interface, loud and clear audio for easy operation in noisy environments, and an extended range to keep everyone connected. Its rugged design ensures dependable performance, wherever the job takes you.


Crystal-Clear Audio:

  • Experience industry-leading audio quality with AI-powered noise cancellation that removes background noise in real-time.
  • Howling suppression technology prevents feedback between radios for uninterrupted communication on the move.

Network Flexibility:

  • Operates in analog or digital mode, ideal for migrating from analog to digital at your own pace.
  • Supports a wide range of network types including Analog and Digital Conventional, DMR Tier II, and optional Hytera XPT Trunking, facilitating seamless roaming between repeater sites.

Versatile Calling Options:

  • Make and receive Individual Calls (radio to radio, radio to dispatcher), Group Calls (one radio to many, dispatcher to many), and All Calls (broadcast calls to all radios).

Enhanced Worker Safety Features:

  • Prioritizes worker safety with an easily accessible emergency call button.
  • Lone worker prompts ensure user well-being by requiring a button press at pre-set intervals to confirm safety.
  • (Optional with License) Priority interrupt allows dispatchers to override ongoing calls with critical emergency information.
  • Dispatchers can remotely enable or disable radios for added control.

Durable Construction:

  • Built to withstand tough conditions, meeting IP54 standards for dust and water resistance, and MIL-STD-810 G standards for shock and humidity resistance.
  • Secure 10-pin aviation connector ensures a reliable connection between the microphone and radio unit.
  • The coil cable stretches readily for extended service life.

Optional GPS Tracking:

  • HM682 models with GPS capabilities provide real-time location updates to other radios, dispatchers, or third-party applications, streamlining dispatch operations.
  • Transmit GPS data during calls for immediate location identification, or compress data to maximize channel capacity and cost-efficiency.

Superior Range and Security:

  • High RX sensitivity allows for clear communication even in areas with weak signals.
  • Supports digital end-to-end encryption for secured voice and data transmission.
  • Optional advanced AES-256 bit encryption offers an extra layer of security (available with license).

User-Friendly Interface:

  • The front panel features easy-to-use buttons and a clear LCD display, readable in various lighting conditions.

Bluetooth Connectivity (Optional):

  • HM682 models with Bluetooth support wireless audio accessories, enhancing safety and productivity during in-vehicle communication.


Frequency RangeUHF 400-470MHz
Channel Capacity512 Channels (Analog or Digital)
Zone Capacity32 Zones with up to 256 Channels per Zone
Channel Spacing12.5kHz / 20kHz / 25kHz
Operational Voltage13.6V ±15%
Current DrainStandby: <0.5A Receive: <2.0A Transmit: 5W <4A, 45W UHF
Weight2lb, 8.5oz (1150g)
Dimensions (HxWxD)2 21/32” x 6 1/4” x 7 1/4” (42x159x164mm)
Frequency Stability± 0.5ppm
Antenna Impedance50Ω
DisplayLCD 1.5”, 6 lines
BluetoothBT 5.0 BLE+EDR