MOTOROLA Mag One BPR40 Radio

Navigating through various radio models online or elsewhere can be quite bewildering. Merely comparing frequencies and features isn’t the most effective approach to identifying your radio. For precise identification of your radio model, it’s best to remove the battery and inspect the interior of the radio unit itself. Inside the back of your BPR40, you’ll discover a metallic surface with a label displaying the “Model:” number, ensuring 100% accuracy. Use this Model Number, call it in to (888) 450-4776 so we may identify your correct radio model. 

The Mag One by Motorola BPR40 UHF radio offers affordability and serves as an excellent communication solution for various business sectors, including education, industry, and retail. This particular Motorola BPR40 complies with the latest FCC Narrowbanding mandate, effective from January 1, 2013. Operating within a frequency split of 450-470 MHz, this model is identified as the Motorola BPR40 AAH84RCS8AA1AN UHF Radio.

We carry a wide range of accessories including the BPR40 earpieces, headsets, and BPR40 batteries.

This BPR40 Radio includes the following:

Motorola BPR40 8 Channel UHF Radio

Standard 1200 mAh NiMH Battery (PMNN4071AR)

Standard Rapid 90-Min Charger (U.S. PLUG – PMLN5048AR)

Standard UHF Whip Antenna (PMAE4020AR)

3″ Belt Clip (PMLN4743A)

One Year Motorola Warranty (Read Full Details)

  • Display: No
  • TX Power (UHF): 4 Watts
  • TX Power (VHF): 5 Watts
  • Channels: 8
  • Programmable Keys: 2
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Squelch Levels
  • Tricolor LED
  • Large, Textured PTT
  • Single Priority Scan
  • Large Rotary Channel Selector
  • On/Off and Volume Control
  • Adjustable Power Level
  • Rugged, Die-Cast Chassis 

Once you’ve got your hands on the Motorola BPR40 series two-way radios and begin utilizing them in your work, rest assured that you’ll be backed by a top-tier company for any troubleshooting needs and suggestions on compatible accessories.

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