The MOTOTRBO R2 takes performance to the next level by blending durability with ergonomic design, ensuring confident and effortless handling. Boasting superior range, customizable audio settings, and seamless integration, the R2 proves to be a dependable asset for an uninterrupted workday.

In addition to its robust build and ergonomic features, the MOTOTRBO R2’s customizable audio enhances clarity in communication, allowing you to efficiently manage day-to-day operations without missing a single detail.


IP Rating – IP55 (splashing water)

Superior Range

SINC + Noise Cancellation

High-Capacity Battery

Automatic Acoustic Feedback Suppression 


Gone are the days of lugging heavy equipment—this radio combines lightweight construction with durability, designed to withstand the demanding conditions of daily business operations. Weighing less than 11 ounces, including a high-capacity battery, the R2 has successfully passed a rigorous Accelerated Life Testing program (ALT), simulating up to 5 years of field use.

Furthermore, when paired with an audio accessory, the sturdy design extends to the rotating dust cover, seamlessly aligning with the slim contour of the device.


The slim, high-density battery of the MOTOTRBO R2 ensures lasting power throughout your shift without premature wear. Plus, you’ll never be caught off guard—simply press the PTT button to activate the LED light, which blinks red to indicate a low battery charge state. With effortless device management, staying powered up has never been easier.


With the R2, enjoy crystal-clear communication and effective noise suppression. But what if your team spans a vast warehouse or expansive field? Count on exceptional range, thanks to high receiver sensitivity, efficient antennas, and robust interference immunity, you’ll experience clear audio transmission over long distances, even in noisy surroundings.

Once you’ve got your hands on the Motorola R2 series two-way radios and begin utilizing them in your work, rest assured that you’ll be backed by a top-tier company for any troubleshooting needs and suggestions on compatible accessories.

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