The Hytera PD982i isn’t just a portable digital radio; it’s a workhorse for any environment. This versatile radio boasts exceptional audio quality and a range of advanced features, making it a seamless addition to your communication network. No matter the workplace, the PD982i keeps your teams connected and informed.


Bluetooth Audio Connectivity:

  • Enhance user experience with Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connection to audio devices.

Increased Capacity with Pseudo Trunking:

  • Hytera’s patented Pseudo Trunking technology allows sharing slots in DMO (Direct Mode Operation) and RMO (Remote Mode Operation) to optimize channel usage. This enables transmissions to be directed to handsets or the repeater, depending on efficiency.

Extended Pseudo Trunking (XPT):

  • Hytera XPT efficiently utilizes limited spectrum resources by dynamically assigning channels without requiring a dedicated control channel. This maximizes channel usage for your network.

Full Duplex Calling (Available with Upgrade):

  • Tier III (R8.0 firmware) conventional full duplex calling allows for simultaneous transmission and reception on the same frequency (available via firmware upgrade).

Voice Recording (Optional):

  • Record transmissions and call data for future analysis with a micro SD card (sold separately). A separate application and chargeable license are required for playback.

Single Frequency Repeater (Optional):

  • Extend coverage across your site by utilizing the PD982 radio as a repeater (optional license required).

Man Down Feature (PD982G Only):

  • (Optional on PD982G models only) The man down feature automatically triggers an alarm if the radio tilts past a certain angle, potentially indicating that the user has fallen or is incapacitated. A warning is issued before the alarm sounds.

Lone Worker Feature:

  • The lone worker feature utilizes a timer to monitor user activity. If inactivity exceeds a pre-set time limit, a warning is issued. If there’s no response to the warning, an alarm is automatically triggered.

Emergency Mode:

  • Raise a high-priority alarm to a base station or pre-programmed radios in emergency mode. This feature transmits the ID of the person issuing the alarm, allowing for a swift response. Additionally, the radio can receive emergency notifications from others.

Optional GPS (PD982G Only)

  • (Optional on PD982G models only) Enhance safety and control with GPS location services.


Frequency RangeUHF5: 806-870MHz
Channel Capacity1024 (64 zones with 256 channels per zone)
Digital ProtocolETSI-TS102 361-1,2 & 3
Battery Life (5-5-90 Duty Cycle)2000mAh, Analog 14.5h, Digital 19h
Dimensions (W×H×D)5.15″ X 2.12″ X 1.41″, 131 X 54.5 X 36(mm)
Weight11.8 oz, 335g with standard battery and antenna
Display160 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors 1.8 inch, 4 rows
KeypadFull Keypad
Programmable Buttons5