KENWOOD NX-P1200NVK VHF ProTalk Digital Radio

The NX-P1000 series portable radio facilitates the integration of analog and digital channels within the same zone. This enables seamless transition to digital communication at your preferred pace, or enhances operational efficiency in environments where various user groups require different solutions or functionalities.

Compact VHF digital and analog 5W portable radio

NEXEDGE radios utilize NXDN, an FDMA digital air interface, featuring AMBE+2 voice coding technology, along with forward error correction and specialized filtering techniques. These innovations ensure superior coverage, even in areas with weak RF signal strengths.

Drawing upon extensive expertise in professional audio products, the NX-P1000 can be tailored to deliver optimal digital audio quality for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. While analog reception tends to suffer from increased noise as RF signal weakens over distance, NEXEDGE-NXDN digital modulation technology excels at audio recovery in fringe areas. Consequently, it significantly enhances usable coverage compared to analog alternatives.

A prominent 7-color LED indicator located on the top panel illuminates to provide clear notification of multiple status functions.


  • 151-159 MHz VHF
  • 64 channels, 4 zones 16 channels each
  • NXDN Digital and Analog operation
  • IP54/55 dust and water intrusion rated
  • Second PTT
  • 7-color LED
  • Cloning capable
  • Voice announcement
  • Button lock
  • Time-out timer
  • Calling alert
  • QT/DQT codes
  • Compander
  • Adjustable microphone gain
  • Low battery warning


NX-P1200NVK Radio

KNB45L Li-Ion Battery

KSC35SK desktop charger

KBH-10 belt clip

KRA26 146-162 MHz VHF antenna

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Ensuring confidentiality in radio communication is a top priority for KENWOOD. In analog mode, a 16-code voice inversion scrambler helps maintain a high level of security. Additionally, robust NXDN Digital 15 Bit encryption is available in digital mode.

NEXEDGE radios utilize NXDN, an FDMA digital air interface, incorporating AMBE+2 voice coding technology, forward error correction, and specialized filtering. These features enable superior coverage even in areas with weak RF signal strengths.


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