The Motorola MOTOTRBO™ SL300 portable radio provides reliable push-to-talk communication for the mobile, everyday user in an ultra-slim and rugged profile. It’s a two-way radio with a light-weight and sleek design. It features an optional, shatterproof Active View display with a matrix of hidden LED lights behind the radio housing and a patented antenna for enhanced range. 

Available models:

SL300 2-Channel UHF: AAH88QCC9JA2AN (MSRP $450)

SL300 2-Channel VHF: AAH88JCC9JA2AN (MSRP $419)

SL300 99-Channel UHF: AAH88QCP9JA2AN (MSRP $509)

SL300 99-Channel VHF: AAH88JCP9JA2AN (MSRP $466) 

 All SL300 series include:

  • Motorola SL300 Radio

  • Stubby Antenna with Advanced Range Technology
  • Standard 2200 mAh Li-Ion Battery – PMNN4468A
  • Battery Door Cover – PMLN7074
  • Radio Holster – PMLN7190A
  • USB Micro Wall Charger – 25009298001
  • 2 Year Motorola Warranty