IMPRESS INC Remote Speaker Microphone IP57

The NNTN8382B Noise-Canceling Industrial RSM is fully submersible and optimized to perform with MOTOTRBO digital radios in extremely noisy, dirty, and demanding environments.

Built to handle even the most demanding environments, this industrial-grade RSM ensures your voice always cuts through the background noise.

  • Rugged Construction: Withstands dust, water, and even submersion (IP57 rated).
  • Innovative Noise Cancellation: Dual-microphone technology actively suppresses background noise, ensuring your voice is transmitted clearly, even in loud factories or construction sites.

Compatible Devices:

  • DGP4100
  • DGP5050E
  • DGP5550E
  • DGP6100
  • DGP8550E


  • XPR7350
  • XPR7350E
  • XPR7380
  • XPR7380E
  • XPR7550


  • XPR7550E
  • XPR7550IS
  • XPR7580
  • XPR7580E
  • XPR7580EIS