Vehicular Charger for Wireless RSM

The Motorola Solutions PMLN6716 Car Charger Wireless RSM is a portable charger compatible with all Motorola Solutions wireless remote speaker microphones.

Stay connected and powered on the go with the Car Charger Wireless RSM (PMLN6716A).

This innovative charger is compatible with your XPR 5000, 5000e, and 4000 series radios, offering a convenient solution for both communication and battery management.

  • Dual Functionality: Talk and charge simultaneously! Communicate with your radio while keeping your battery powered up.
  • Versatile Charging: Charge your spare battery on its own or keep the wireless RSM charged with the battery attached.
  • Easy Installation: The included hang-up clip ensures a secure and familiar mounting option, similar to a mobile microphone.

Compatible Devices:

  • XPR 5000
  • XPR 5000E
  • XPR 4000