IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone & Noise Cancelling

The Noise-Canceling RSM (PMMN4050AL), previously known as PMMN4050A, is a perfect fit for the XPR 6000 and XPR 7000/7000e two-way radio series. Designed for noisy environments, it boasts a noise-canceling directional microphone that filters out unwanted background noise, ensuring your voice cuts through even in the most demanding situations. This RSM also features a large, user-friendly housing, ideal for those operating with gloves or working in rugged conditions. An additional benefit is the unthreaded 3.5mm audio jack on the side, allowing for connection of a receive-only accessory for private listening.

Compatible Devices:

  • DGP4100
  • DGP5050E
  • DGP5550E
  • DGP6100
  • DGP8550E
  • XPR7350
  • XPR7350E
  • XPR7380
  • XPR7380E
  • XPR7550
  • XPR7550E
  • XPR7550IS
  • XPR7580
  • XPR7580E
  • XPR7580EIS