The Motorola CP200D offers versatility by supporting both Analog and Digital DMR operation, ensuring interoperability. This allows you the flexibility to transition to digital at your own pace. You can purchase the CP200D as an Analog radio today and seamlessly upgrade to Digital whenever you’re ready. With our extensive experience assisting numerous customers in transitioning to digital radios, we’ve encountered nearly every scenario imaginable. While transitioning to digital presents numerous advantages, it’s essential for all users to adhere to best practices. We advise collaborating with a member of our team to devise a customized plan for your business, ensuring a smooth migration to digital without disrupting your day-to-day communications.

Product Includes:

CP200D UHF (Digital Upgrade Available): AAH01QDC9JC2AN

CP200D UHF Full Analog and Digital: AAH01QDC9JA2AN

CP200D VHF (Digital Upgrade Available): AAH01JDC9JC2AN

CP200D VHF Full Analog and Digital: AAH01JDC9JA2AN